Flavoured Vodka

The world of flavoured vodka has exploded of late, revealing a cornucopia of flavours to suit Alberta’s needs.  The dry & demure berry and citrus concoctions of years past have paved the way for much more adventuresome spirits.  The finest examples offer an authentic punch of their namesake ingredient whilst allowing the quality of the vodka to shine as well.  While the flavour of birthday cake is probably best administered in its actual cake form, a well stocked bar can confidently offer vodkas ranging from Dutch chocolate to Bison grass.  Mike Burns


Summer Love Spiced Pear Vodka
Alberta, Canada
$40-43 CSPC 796255







Park Distillery Espresso Vodka
Alberta, Canada
$48-50 CSPC 778453 (2017)






Summer Love Raspberry Vodka
Alberta, Canada
$40-43 CSPC  782673






Park Distillery Vanilla Vodka
Alberta, Canada
$48-50 CSPC 778454 (2017)






Rig Hand Raspberry Vodka
Alberta, Canada
$49-53 CSPC  796437

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