Fruit Wines

Western Canada has a pile of fruit wine producers offering a range of flavours and colours as wide as a foothills rainbow. Saskatoon berry, blueberry, rhubarb and raspberry (and blends thereof) are staples in the market, and come in styles ranging from dry and tangy to viciously sweet. While the category produces a wildly varied line up in terms of drinkability there are certainly some standouts. Grey Owl’s Black Currant was on point with its aromatic flavour profile and tangy, dry palate. The category champ this year was Field Stone’s Cherry fruit wine, who put forward a boisterous head-explosion of candied cherry madness. For those who crave a full-throttle cherry blast reminiscent of a body plunge into cherry scented Fruit Loops this is what you’ve been waiting for.  Brad Royale


Field Stone Cherry Fruit Wine
Alberta, Canada
$19-22 CSPC 792631 (2016)







Birds & Bees 2010 Hard Core Apple
Alberta, Canada
$25 CSPC 725972






Field Stone Raspberry Fruit Wine
Alberta, Canada
$19-22 CSPC 792628 (2017) (2016)






Birds & Bees 2015 Big Tease Raspberry
Alberta, Canada
$25 CSPC 731365






Field Stone Strawberry-Rhubarb Fruit Wine
Alberta, Canada
$19-22 CSPC 777796 (2015) (2014)






Monte Creek Blueberry
British Columbia, Canada
$22 CSPC 261644






Birds & Bees 2015 Multiple Berry Orgasm
Alberta, Canada
$25 CSPC 743725






Shady Lane 2017 Rhabarber (Rhubarb)
Alberta, Canada
$24 CSPC 769799

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