Italian Reds

Veneto & Blends

Some well-known wines from Italy come from Veneto where we see red blends with mostly corvina from Valpolicella. Grapes are dried to give increased alcohol, higher tannins and a mouthfeel that is very velvety. Not just corvina, but merlot too is being air dried. Gran Passione has long been a favourite amongst consumers, not just for its sexy name, but taste too. Here it is again, a blend of corvina and merlot, receiving top billing from the judges. Marcia Hamm


Botter 2016 Gran Passione Rosso IGT Veneto
Veneto, Italy
$19 CSPC 764358 (2015)







Giusti 2013 Ripasso Valpolicella
Valpolicella, Italy
$40-43 CSPC 767318        (2017) (2016) (2015)






Emotivo 2016 Gran Rosso
Veneto, Italy
$17-19 CSPC 784012 (2017)






Masi 2014 Campofiorin del Veronese Ripasso
Veneto, Italy
$18-19 CSPC 155051 (2017)






Speri 2014 Valpolicella Classico Superiore ‘Sant Urbano’ Appassimento
Valpolicella, Italy
$33-37 CSPC 736517






Italian Single Red Single Varietals

Speaking of corvina…it’s much rarer to see it as a single varietal, but judges awarded top honours for a red single varietal. No drying of grapes here, just pure corvina with well integrated oak and big black fruit aromas and flavours. Zenato Cresasso Corvina is definitely unique but obviously delicious as this wine received top honours this year, standing out as a single varietal. Marcia Hamm


Zenato 2011 Cresasso IGT Corvina Verona
Veneto, Italy
$45-50 CSPC 740293







Mezzomondo 2015 Negroamaro
Puglia, Italy
$11-12 CSPC 713694 (2016) (2014)





Feudo Maccari 2015 Nero d’Avola
Sicily, Italy
$18 CSPC 744207






Giusti 2015 Augusto Recantina
Veneto, Italy
$40-44 CSPC 783188






Sangiovese & Blends

Of course, knowing that Chianti is one of the most popular wines from Italy, it’s with little surprise the judges at this year’s awards gave kudos to a 2015 Chianti that sees mostly sangiovese, balanced by a native grape called canaiolo to give it a bit more backbone. Easy on the wallet, Cantella could very well become the table wine for every red-blooded Albertan this winter! Marcia Hamm


Fontella 2015 Chianti
Tuscany, Italy
$13-15 CSPC 730108







Umberto Cesari 2014 Liano
Emilia-Romagna, Italy
$27-30 CSPC 927707






Frescobaldi Nipozzano 2014 Riserva Chianti Rufina
Chianti, Italy
$22-25 CSPC 107276






Ruffino 2015 Il Ducale Toscana
Tuscany, Italy
$18-21 CSPC 723921






Poderi dal Nespoli 2016 Nespolino Rubicone
Romagna, Italy
$11-14 CSPC 745196






Toscolo 2015 Chianti Classico
Chianti Classico, Italy
$22-25 CSPC 606111


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