Red Blends

There can be something magical about red blends, sure, there are a lot of bland, even flabby fruit bombs in the red blends, but so many wines exhibit the simple harmony that come from a wine being greater than the sum of its parts. This year’s top Red Blends represent a number of styles and come from a range of countries, but above all – they are worth a try. Tom Firth


Guelbenzu 2006 Lombana
Ribera del Queiles, Spain
$29-33 CSPC 781036


Road 13 Vineyards 2013 5th Element
Okanagan Valley, Canada
$45-50 CSPC 741856

Venstisquero 2015 Vertice
Apalta – Colchacua Valley, Chile
$36 CSPC 750674

Inniskillin Okanagan Estate 2016 Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon
Okanagan Valley, Canada
$20-21 CSPC 772952 (2017)

Spier 2014 Creative Block 3
Coastal Region, South Africa
$25-27 CSPC 752023 (2017) (2016) (2014) (2013)

Shed Horn Cellars 2015 Non Typical Red
Lake County, United States
$40 CSPC 783441

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