Unaged Spirits

I confess, I sometimes stay awake at night wondering about the fate of this category. Mostly a result of necessity, something for new distilleries to make (and sell) while most of the production is diverted to barrels for future release. Once Albert-made whiskies and other long-aged barrel aged spirits hit the market, What will happen to these “raw” spirits? Personally, I hope they stick around, since they offer such a cool, pure expression of what is to come. Tom Firth


Ross Creek Rye Grain Spirit
Alberta, Canada
$46 CSPC 791041 (2017)







Wandering Elk Foundation Spirit
Alberta, Canada
$46 CSPC 791043 (2017)






Park Distillery Glacier Rye
Alberta, Canada
$48-50 CSPC 778465 (2017) (2016)






WOT5TH White Lightning
Alberta, Canada






Hansen Distillery Red Cask 47 Rye Spirit
Alberta, Canada
$42-45 CSPC 793696

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