Barrel Aged Gin and Genever

Judges at this year awards were “barreled” over to find an entire category for barrel aged gin and genever! An up and coming category; gin is something clearly Alberta excels at with three of the top five hailing from this fine province, and two from my home town of Edmonton! All the goodness of juniper and other local botanicals with a hint of sweetness from the oak. Lovers of gin and lovers of brown spirits unite here!
Marcia Hamm

Best In Class

Copperworks Cask Finished Gin


United States

CSPC 820898

Judges Selection

Wild Life Distillery Barrel-aged Gin

Alberta, Canada

CSPC 812647

Hansen Barreled Trouble Gin


Alberta, Canada

CSPC 799449

Strathcona Spirits Barrel Aged Gin


Alberta, Canada

CSPC 800202

Oude 3 Year Old Genever



CSPC 795966

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