I’ll be completely honest. Linda Garson, editor-in-chief of Culinaire Magazine…threw me under the bus. My name was volunteered to the folks managing Alberta Burger Fest as someone who loves a big, messy burger….and I don’t.

But, I agreed to be a “burger ambassador” this year, and while it doesn’t come with diplomatic immunity, it does come with an opportunity to try (and shout out) one of the participating restaurants.

Jane Bond BBQ is a little take-out BBQ joint in the Dover neighbourhood, and their offering this year is a pulled pork poutine burger. From the picture, you are promised a leaning tower of ooey, gooey, pulled-pork, cheese n’ patty, topped with – holy crap is that a fried and battered pickle on top? With a chicken wing? A corn cob? Anda muffin? How on earth am I going to eat this in a place with two seats? In the car? Sitting on the curb with a napkin daintily spread over my lap?

Don’t worry, they have it figured out. I, like a chump, tackled it at the bar where guests wait for their order with a knife and fork, since I figured this is the sort of burger that once picked up and put down can never be picked up again (like an IKEA Hemnes chest of drawers).

Oh my, was this good. It somehow manages the right level of cheese, meat and sauce while the “sides” on the sword-like skewer added a little break for the palate, but tied in well with the barbecue theme of the restaurant – like the ginger on your sushi plate. It’s saucy for sure, and anyone that loves a messy barbecue should love this. As a side note, the muffin? It’s devilishly good coconut corn bread, hich I’ll be coming back for soon.

The Jane Bond BBQ’s Pulled Pork Poutine Burger sells for $15
More details about Alberta Burger Fest can be found at albertaburgerfest.ca or on Twitter @abburgerfest #AlbertaBeef

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