It’s spring… finally! And aren’t we all glad.

But now comes the uncertainty. Is it sunny and warm, snowy and icy, or blowy and rainy – or all of the above? We’ve been looking for cool products whatever the weather throws at you, and here are a few of our April suggestions.

Nude Vodka Soda Classic Lime, Vancouver, BC

The ready-to-drink that’s taken western Canada by storm, we really do like that Vancouver’s Nude range is sugar-free and sweetener-free. It’s also gluten-free, and only has 100 calories a can, so it’s a no-brainer for a guilt-free refreshing drink this spring, made from only triple distilled vodka, sparkling water, and natural fruit extract. There’s cucumber mint, peach, and strawberry kiwi too…

CSPC +802326 355 mL 6 pack around $15…ish

Park Distillery Vanilla Vodka, Alberta

The very best infused or flavoured vodkas are the ones utilizing natural ingredients. So it’s perfectly refreshing to see a partial vanilla pod lurking in Park’s Vanilla Vodka. Clean spirit notes on the nose with loads of vanilla moves to a perfectly clean expression on the palate. Smooth, almost creamy vodka evoking old-fashioned milkshakes – what’s not to love?
CSPC +781550 $48-50

Aviation Gin, Portland, Oregon

Actor Ryan Reynolds admits he knows nothing about distilling, but he knows what he likes. He likes Aviation Gin – enough to pretty much buy the company. But we like it too; it’s delicate and feminine, soft and pretty, with subtle, well-blended botanicals of orange peel and lavender to the fore and cardamom, coriander, and juniper following close behind. A martini for me, but I can see a negroni, Tom Collins, or get creative…

CSPC +757468 $42-$44

Glengoyne Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky, Highland, Scotland

Weighing in a hefty 59.8 percent alcohol, you may want to have a splash of water on hand, but not too much or you’ll miss out on the finer characters, like fiery bananas, almond oil, old fashioned butterscotch, and quite a lot of citrus character. Absolutely love the sweeter, Olorosso sherry cask notes on the finish. Delicious…

CSPC +790117 About $80-82

Old Prairie Sentinel Butter Tart Liqueur, Lacombe, Alberta

Here’s a new local liqueur, and it’s quite remarkable. The base spirit of Lacombe’s Old Prairie Sentinel is their malted vodka using only local malted barley. Here they soak raisins in it for a few days, and using founder, Rob Gugin’s, grandmother’s recipe, add a little brown sugar, vanilla, maple syrup, and molasses, to produce this dark, dark, brown liqueur. Try it on waffles, in your coffee, on a sundae, or make a very delicious White Russian!

CSPC +814185 $34

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