Cotswolds Dry Gin

Set in what is widely acclaimed to be the most beautiful and picturesque area of England, the highly awarded Costwolds Distillery brings us their bright, small batch, handmade dry gin (yes, they peel the citrus fruit by hand!). You’ll immediately recognise the aromas of fresh lime and grapefruit backed by aromatic juniper and coriander on the nose, and following through on the palate – but can you taste lavender, bay leaves, angelica, cardamom and black peppercorns? Close your eyes and focus, and you will. As the gin is unfiltered, the botanical extracts and oils are suspended in the gin, which becomes pearlescent when you add tonic or other mixers. Definitely one for gin lovers to watch out for. CSPC +790005 $75

Third Generation 2016 Chardonnay

Are you an ABC? (Anything But Chardonnay). There are so many different styles of chardonnay that it’s impossible not to find one you enjoy, and I love introducing people to as many different styles as possible for them to find their next favourite wine. Nugan Estates Third Generation is one of those wines that sits comfortably in the middle of the spectrum – not too oaky, although it has spent some getting acquainted with a barrel; not too acidic, although there’s plenty of freshness and mouth-watering acidity there, and more peach than citrus on both the nose and palate. I loved it with my Thai coconut chicken curry – and bonus – it’s a killer value in Alberta! CSPC +726220 $13

Domiciano Estelar 2016 Malbec

Tell-tale notes of blueberry and raspberry on the nose along with ripe berry aromas, make you suspect this Malbec is going to be dangerous; you’ll want to taste Estelar without too much swirling, sniffing and analysing – and you’ll be glad you did. Immediately likeable and eminently quaffable, Domiciano, from Maipu in Argentina, has brought us another easy drinking, immediately enjoyable wine, with or without food. Do your workout first though – it’s a heavy bottle! CSPC +793645 around $15.

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