Delicious One-Pot Dishes By Linda Gassenheimer

As a long-suffering Type One diabetic, I have been taught to look at a plate with a starch, a green veg, and a protein, and calculate how much insulin I have to take to balance that meal. The problem arises when the meal is a soup, stew or casserole and I have no idea of the proportions used by the cook.

Linda Gassenheimer solves that problem in her latest cook book. It is published by the American Diabetes Association, so each recipe has a detailed breakdown of the “Choices/Exchanges” used by the association, and a detailed per serving nutritional breakdown for us carb and calorie counters.

Each recipe gets a full two-page layout, and the author includes a shopping list for that dish, plus a list of staples she suggests you have on hand for any recipe in her collection.

I tried the “Greek Chicken Casserole” and felt the end product lacked something, probably a pinch of salt. Gassenheimer is a low-salt/no-salt disciple. Her recommended “fat-free, low-sodium chicken broth” was tasteless, and although the “reduced fat” feta cheese added some saltiness to the dish, it needed more. I was reaching for the salt shaker after a few bites.

Cookbook collectors are unlikely to add this to their shelves. There are no pretty pictures, except on the cover. And that one isn’t tagged to any particular recipe in the book. But “Delicious One-Pot Dishes” is a designed to be a “kitchen counter cookbook” and to offer quick, healthy, diabetes-friendly recipes. Top marks from me on all three.

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