Two newly minted friends agreeing togoon a culinary/travel adventure with little funding and less of a plan could be a recipe for disaster.

Not so for Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller, who gathered experiences and new friends while documenting their trip across Canada, creating an award-winning blog while still staying friends! The book isthe offshoot of the five-month long trip allowing them to reflect on, and share with us, their amazing adventures.

They start and end the trip in British Columbia with puffins and Nanaimo bars. They encounter classics – Montreal Style bagels and east coast oatcakes (dipped in chocolate!) -but stumble upon Artic Char Sushi (p.141) and Reindeer Meatloaf in the Northwest Territories (p.86) and a Moroccan Chick Pea Stew from a small cafe in Newfoundland (p.64).

The book is beyond being just a cookbook, but the recipes are set out in obvious categories with detailed instructions and suitable substitutions for regional specialties. Itis a pleasure to follow the girls’ journey across the country and read their very personal brief and photo for each provinceor territory.

The recipes refreshingly emphasize the origin and importance of the dish and not the chef who provided it. The book reflects diverse cultural and ethnic experiences, with home cooks, restaurant chefs and food writers alike. Once the word was out about this trip many contributors wanted tobe a part ofit and reached out to Anderson and VanVeller, sharing their own personal experiences.

Food tourism is on the rise everywhere, but reading this book will captivate you and have you start planning your own culinary road trip in Canada with the many options this diverse country has to offer.


Published by Appetite by Random House, 2017

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