Great Canadian Masters cookbook features recipes inspired by iconic Canadian paintings 

This is Canada’s year to celebrate 150 years! The cookbook Great Canadian Masters, from the Canadian Museums Association, celebrates two different aspects of Canadian creativity—paintings from Canadian masters, and recipes inspired by those paintings, from revered chefs working across Canada.

The canvas to plate interpretations by the chefs vary greatly in style. Some recipes are very literal with their visual recreations (Montreal Melon with Onions and Basil by Derek Dammann on p. 30 clearly echoes Emily Carr’s Melon), while other chefs executed their interpretations on a more spiritual level, showcasing the bounty of that part of the country or highlighting life there at that time.

The Ranchmen’s Club’s Executive Chef Kenneth Titcomb represented “Buffalo on the Bow River” by Frederick Arthur Verner with a recipe for Fire Grilled Bison (p. 80), cooking things indigenous to the area. Cornelius Krieghoff’s “Still Life with Game” is turned into a harvest time Game Bird Cassoulet (p.68) by J.W. Foster, Executive Chef of The Fairmont Banff Springs, showcasing his favourite time of year and the glorious bounty of the prairies. In addition, the book also highlights recipes from up-and-coming members from Junior Culinary Team Canada!

The pages are overcrowded with reproductions, recipes and stories, but these masters, both artistic and culinary, will definitely inspire us to explore Canada’s rich history as displayed. We must continue to support those who draw inspiration from all that Canada has to offer.  

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