The Bite Me, Bite Me Too sisters are back, this time thankfully with a little less gimmick. Their cooking was always good, and their passion for sharing always evident, but it seems they have become more confident in their cooking.

Lick Your Plate is a cookbook a lot of us will want on our kitchen shelf with its compilation of recognizable recipes for family meals and entertaining alike. The sisters have still managed to convey their effervescent style, but the focus is on easy recipes anyone can do. These girls are happy in the kitchen!

It would be hard not to find some old favourites or a style of cuisine you want to try. The recipes are not “authentic” but they work – they are quick, and will satisfy your cravings. Very few recipes have preparation times in excess of 15 minutes, and the ingredients are easily found in our pantry.

They incorporate many styles, from fast stir fries to slow cooker meals, healthy grains, a full range of vegetables dishes (yes, including Brussels sprouts and kale) and tempting desserts (try the golden apple crisp with salted caramel sauce on p. 275).

The sisters have made an absolutely respectable version of a traditional Moroccan soup (moroccan chickpea & lemon couscous coup p. 36) and who would not want to try their version of sticky buns (luscious lemon sticky buns p. 243)?

The cookbook still has a good sense of humour, with catchy chapter titles and scattered quotes, which will bring a smile to your face and do what they are intended to do: take the pressure off. Enjoying the cooking process is what this cookbook is about – making it easy and good enough to lick your plate!

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