Out of the Orchard
Julie Van Rosendaal
Touchwood Editions 2016   $29.95

A daily blogger, CBC Radio Calgary’s food columnist, writer and editor, as well as a prolific author of best-selling cookbooks, you can clearly tell that Julie Van Rosendaal cooks all the time. She graciously shares the cooking ideas and tips she has amassed over her career, and this new book is no different. In Out of the Orchard, Van Rosendaal showcases all the amazing fruits that can be found in the Okanagan. The book is not just a baked apple pie or tart-focused book, but rather one that puts the fruit to full use in innumerable sweet and savoury recipes.

Whether it’s just the idea of putting fresh apples into a Chana Masala (p. 88) or cinnamon buns (perfect on their own, but made even better with tart apples and sweet bourbon, p.16), it will make you think outside of the box. We should all look forward to the idea of serving her apple pie biscuits as a Sunday night dessert. I know I am! She is so liberated in the kitchen, and shows how the recipes work for any part of the day – I especially love the apple and pear granola breakfast crisp (p. 26).

Whether you get to sample the succulent fruit of the Okanagan or stick to local harvests this season, this cookbook is a comforting way to share the bounty of the season with family and friends.

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