Rodney’s Fish Shack
Look for the bright yellow door on 4 Street and 10 Ave SW, and you’ll find Rodney’s new fish and chip shack. For my meal, I chose one piece of haddock with hand cut wedges, which comes with creamy dill slaw and tartare sauce – all house-made. They start with a whole Ocean Wise fish and break it down; it’s not pre-portioned or frozen, and you can tell. The meal was everything you would hope it would be – the fish was crispy, moist and flaky, and not at all greasy, and the wedges were perfectly crispy, too – and bigger than my hand! You know when you say, “Well, I’ll just have one more,” that saying applys again… and again…

Yes, it’s one of those meals. See you there!

One piece haddock and wedges $13 at Rodney’s Fish Shack
355 10th Avenue SW, Calgary 

Tango Bistro

Tango Bistro has completely changed its menu and focus – gone are the tapas-style sharing plates, and in their places take some very delicious French style dishes – which, from the hors d’oeuvres menu, are still good for sharing! I tried four starters and really enjoyed them. My favourite was the baked goat cheese with espelette pepper sauce, which comes in a cast-iron skillet with toasted bread to spread all over and soak up the delicious, tomatoey goodness.

The devilled eggs are some of the best you’ll find in Calgary – super-creamy with paprika and Dijon mustard, and topped with a sprinkling of caviar. White anchovy Caesar ticks all the boxes for me, with the salty anchovy to the side and brown-butter panko, crispy capers, and last but not least – the huge crab cake. Blue lump crab is mixed with tarragon remoulade, and there’s a charred lemon to squeeze on top. Can’t wait to come back and try the entrees!

Baked Goat Cheese $13, Devilled Eggs $8, White anchovy Caesar $14, Crab cake $14
Tango Bistro, 6920 Macleod Trail S, Calgary

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