International Sauvignon Blanc Day is Friday May 6! From New Zealand, here are two very different sauvignon blancs, both 2014 vintage from Marlborough.

Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc 2014 

Nautilus is celebrating their 30th vintage with this sauvignon blanc. You’re greeted with aromas of grapefruit and snow peas, but on the palate, the mouth-watering racy acidity and herbal notes shine through brightly. There are notes of gooseberry and lime, backed by a little tarragon. It is a textural wine with a tongue-coating texture, which I love to let warm a little and then focus on all the flavours that are more noticeable as it warms; it becomes more herbal and complex, before a long finish. This wine would be perfect with goat cheese, feta and spinach salad, cilantro or a tabbouleh salad.

Kevin Judd’s Greywacke wines are named for the ‘galets’ or polished, rounded stones on the soil. Since launching into Canada, they have risen high on my list of wines I want to drink with my dinner.
CSPC + 328377 Around $25.

Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc 2014 

This is an elegant wine, and quite different from the more yellow grapefruit style of sauvignon blancs that we have come to associate with New Zealand. First sniffs reveal elderflower and lemon, with back notes of thyme. On the palate the wine is certainly mouth-watering, but in a subtle way, with a lighter zingy body that would be wonderful with spanakopita, or the frittata at The Block. How about with rocket and pesto pasta? Linguine with olive oil and fresh garlic, pine nuts and parmesan would be great, and I’ve paired it successfully with crab and prawn sunomono, too. This succulent wine is leafy and fresh, but just a touch dialled back from the style we associate with New Zealand.
CSPC + 738965 $28-$30

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