Chef Sept’s “Best Beef Ribs You’re Ever Going to Eat”

Yield: 6 servings


3 kg pre-cut beef short ribs

1 cup course black pepper

½ cup course kosher salt

1 Tbs cayenne

2 cups beef stock

Cooking oil to coat


  1. To prepare meat (skip this step if you have pre-cut ribs): rinse with cold water. Using a thin, sharp knife, trim any extra fat and silver skin from the meatier side of rib. Do not remove membrane from bone side of the ribs (this will help hold them together while cooking).
  2. To prepare rub: Place black pepper, salt and cayenne in a bowl and mix.
  3. Pat ribs dry. Lightly coat ribs on every surface with cooking oil. Apply a liberal amount of rub to the meat. Let meat rest for one to six hours before cooking.
  4. Warm smoker (or oven) to 280º F.
  5. *Step for cooking with smoker: Cook ribs bone side down over indirect heat. Smoke for three hours with wood of your choice (oak or hickory works well). Don’t over smoke — after three hours meat will not absorb any more smoke.
  6. Place meat rib side down in roasting pan. Add beef stock to bottom of pan (do not pour directly on meat). Tightly cover with aluminum foil and return to smoker (or use oven) for two to three hours.
  7. Use a thermometer to check the meat after two hours. A finished product will have a temperature of around 210º F, and the thermometer will slide in and out easily.
  8. Remove from smoker or oven. Pour off juice from roasting pan (this can be used for dipping sauce or gravy). Most importantly: rest meat for a minimum of 30 minutes before cutting and serving.

*Note: If you do not have a smoker, you can do this recipe in the oven with great results (tip: add a bit of cumin to the rub).

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