Yalumba Barossa Shiraz 2017, South Australia

It’s cooling down outside, and we’re indoors a lot these days. Sometimes we just want a glass of full-bodied red wine to snuggle up with our Netflix binge, even if we’re eating ketchup chips. Yalumba’s Barossa shiraz will happily fill that slot, it’s robust and concentrated, but still balanced with dark and brooding flavours of black plum, black olives, and blackcurrant with nutmeg spice. The chewy tannins suggest some animal protein such as BBQ anything would be a fine pairing, some rare lamb chops, or your favourite char-grilled burger, but… a roaring fire and Netflix beckons, and I’m perfectly happy with that too. Terrific value at $23-$25, and you can lay it down for quite some time yet too. CSPC +755359.

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Famiglia Pasqua Passimento Red 2017, Veneto, Italy

You can’t help but applaud winemakers who not only make lovely wines, and have fun while they’re doing it! The Pasqua family are certainly that, as this bottle label proves – it’s the wall at Giulietta’s house in Verona where 1,000 love messages a day are left, which is where the name, a blend of passione and sentimento comes from. And you might get passionate and sentimental when you drink this blend of 1/3 corvina, 1/3 merlot and 1/3 croatina. It undergoes a short appassimento – drying of the grapes – for just a month to concentrate the flavours, resulting in a velvety smooth, easy drinking, red berry and spice crowd-pleaser. You don’t even need friends to finish this bottle. CSPC +773516 $17-$18

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Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé 2019, Veneto, Italy

So why 11 Minutes you ask? Good question! The colour of a grape is all in the skin, and that’s how long the clever people at Pasqua left the skins in contact with the juice to achieve this gorgeous, delicate salmon colour, and delicate raspberry and peach flavour. A most unusual blend of 50% corvina, 25% Turbiana (the grape of Lugana, aka trebbiano di lugana), 15% syrah, and 10% carmenere for structure. It’s a beauty! Look for the lady through the centre of the label on this stunner of a bottle with it’s glass cork, and ponder “odi et amo” – how’s your school Latin? Google it! CSPC +802206 around $20


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