Safari Grill has a unique and delicious fusion that draws diners. Safari Grill has been included in food blogs and magazines as people discover its menu. It has been positively reviewed in Metro newspaper, Avenue and Culinaire magazine and was awarded as Best Budget Bite by the Where Magazine. You’ll find true and home style East African dishes like the Samaki and Mishkaki which are deep fried tilapia fish in Zanzibar spices and bbq meat marinated in Indo-African spices. Furthermore, Safari grill serve Masai goat and Ndizi na Nyama that no other restaurants in Calgary have. The Masai goat’s meat is served in secret Indo-African sauce while the Ndizi na Nyama is banana and beef in coconut sauce. Two more dishes people should not miss at Safari Grill are their thinly sliced ribs and the Masala Mogo that was also nominated as #6 in “75 things we love in Calgary” by Where magazine. Overall, with its commitment to using only the freshest ingredients as well as mirroring true East African hospitality, Safari Grill succeeds in delivering an authentic African experience. With decor that has been imported from countries such as Tanzania and Kenya, coupled with local beers and beverages, one can lose themselves in this reflected reality.

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