Eel at Goro and GunEel – Goro + Gun

Goro + Gun opened its doors last week –a great addition to Calgary’s food scene.

The space that ‘West’ used to occupy in the Scotia Centre is now a bright and bustling Japanese Noodle Bar with modern interpretations of traditional favourite dishes.

Being an unagi fan, I couldn’t resist the hot Fresh Water Eel pierced with two metal skewers – and the all-time clincher for me, it has melted Brie cheese on top! $14.

Smoked Fresh Fish Goro and GunSmoked Fresh Fish – Goro + Gun

Then the ‘Smoked Fresh Fish’ of the day, which last week was Albacore Tuna, lightly hay smoked and scattered with crispy garlic chips and ground citrus sauce on the side. Hay smoked anything is a first for me, but once tried, never forgotten – it’s imparts a stunning, delicate smoke flavour that really complements the tuna, and will have you addicted after a few bites. $14.

Goro + Gun, (+15 level Scotia Centre)  245 – 225 7 Ave. SW, 403-237-5596,, @goroandgun

– Linda Garson, editor-in-chief/publisher, @vineanddine
Orange Cardamom Porter's Tonic Cardamom Porter’s Tonic

My current Ginspiration is the new flavor of Porter’s Tonic, Orange Cardamom. Proudly made in Calgary and available in better liquor stores and markets, it is a delightful way to punch up a gin and tonic. I recommend it with a classic London Dry Gin.

$16. Available at select retailers. @PortersTonic

– Tarquin Melnyk, contributor, @livelikeburning
Painted Rock Estate Winery SyrahPainted Rock Estate Winery 2011 Syrah

Wine is story in a bottle, speaking of people and place. Really good wines lure the dimmest memories into the light. When I tasted this and closed my eyes I swore I was back in that teeny tiny restaurant in Paris’ 5th arrondissement. Delicate, elegant, and incredibly lengthy, this syrah is the antidote for fruit-bomb-itis. Cue the râble de lapin and good linen.

$50. Available at select liquor stores.

– Jeannette Montgomery, contributor, @okanaganwriting
Smoked Egg Goro and GunSmoked Egg – Goro + Gun

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Goro + Gun media dinner recently. The restaurant dishes out Japanese ramen, all with a rich, creamy tonkotsu (pork bone) base. The highlight for me though, was the smoked,soft cooked egg. The eggs are marinated in a soy-mirin mixture for 24 hours before they are smoked, so each egg takes 48 hours to prepare. The result is a savoury, smoky egg with a perfectly gooey, oozy orange yolk.

$3 (topping on ramen) at Goro + Gun, (+15 level Scotia Centre)  245 – 225 7 Ave. SW, 403-237-5596,, @goroandgun

– Vincci Tsui, contributor, @VincciT

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