Hapa Izakaya

Most of the dishes at Hapa Izakaya are really good, but I’ve found my favourite – the Spicy Miso Ramen that comes with ramen noodles, pork belly, wakame seaweed, green onions and a soft boiled egg – but best of all is the pork and chicken broth. I slurped every last drop of it. It’s medium spiced, so nothing to be wary of, and lip-smackingly tasty. Killer value at $12, it’s a generous dish!

Hapa Izakaya, 816 11 Ave SW, 403-452-6737, hapaizakaya.com, @HapaIzakaya

– Linda Garson, editor-in-chief/publisher, @vineanddine

Sticky Toffee Pudding atNOtaBLE

Sticky toffee pudding is a go-to for me. How can you go wrong with figgy cake drenched in rich, caramel sauce? Exactly, you can’t. At NOtaBLE, the proverbial cherry-on-top is the single malt scotch ice cream. Pleasantly boozy, it eventually melts in with the warm cake creating even more saucy goodness. Dishes like this are why I always try and save room for dessert!

Notable, 4611 Bowness Road NW, notabletherestaurant.ca, @NotableCalgary

– Mallory Frayn, web editor, @cuzilikechoclat

Crazy Uncle Uber Caesar

The best part about weekly editorial meetings is getting to taste test new products like this Crazy Uncle Uber Caesar mix! Just chill and it is ready to drink, vodka and all. Flavoured with Worcestershire, horseradish, lemon, and a pleasant amount of heat, it’s perfect for sipping even before noon on a weekday (although is optimal for weekend brunch). It also comes with some tasty rimming salt so all you have to do is get yourself some great garnishes and you are ready to drink!

About $20, CSPC +770602, Available at select liquor stores, www.crazyuncle.ca

– The Culinaire Team, @CulinaireMag

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