Lox Benedict, Grumans Catering and Deli

I hadn’t been to Grumans Deli before and was looking forward to trying brunch there. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

The Lox Benedict is a very generous, tasty and attractive plate of two poached eggs, cooked how you like, and covered with lemon hollandaise, atop house-cured lox with red pepper artichoke spread on potato latkes. It comes with Grumans’ home-style hash browns and fresh fruit salad, which for $13 is superb value!

$13 at Grumans Catering and Deli, 230 11 Ave. SE, 403-261-9003, grumans.ca, @GrumansDeli

— Linda Garson, editor-in-chief/publisher


Seasonal Velouté – Q Haute Cuisine

A soup and salad for lunch is usually the perfect combination for me (with a side of bread, of course). With Calgary’s recent cold snap, I’ve been indulging in soups across the city but none quite hit the mark like chef Michele Aurigemma’s velouté at Q Haute Cuisine. Poured right at the table, the silky smooth velouté incases your bowl with richness. One spoonful and I was hooked.

Q Haute’s $15 express lunch includes a main course and a starter so I chose the salmon cakes to accompany my soup. You’re in and out in 45 minutes, and get a view of the Bow River as you eat. Now that’s what I call fine dining.

$15 express lunch at Q Haute Cuisine,100 La Caille Place SW, 403-262-5554, qhautecuisine.com, @qhaute

— Laura Lushington, digital media editor


Clos de Fous 2011 Cauquenina

An unusual blend from Chile, made by a “terroir-iste” on some fringe vineyards, is a blend of malbec, syrah, carmenere and other grapes. Gren cane, bell pepper, floral notes, dill and a bit of black liquorice twist. Some beautiful fruits are there with sour cherry, raspberry, and a finish without too much tannin and a touch of smoked meat. Food-wise, serve with grilled meats, anything with green peppercorns and beefy stews.

$25 at Vine Arts, J Webb, and other fine shops.

— Tom Firth, contributing drinks editor


Thin Vermicelli Patties – Pho Tai Vietnamese Noodle House

Normally, when it comes to ordering at a Vietnamese restaurant, I am a pho guy through-and-through, but this week I was introduced to this delicious roll-your-own platter.

The #47 at Pho Tai will get you a stack of rice paper rolls and plate with minced beef wrapped in leaves, spiced pork sausage (of sorts) and cooked shrimp paste. Wrap it up to your liking with noodles, greens, mint, basil and whatever sauce you want.

It’s like customising salad rolls to your liking, but approximately 100times more delicious! Yum!

$13.95 at Pho Tai Vietnamese Noodle House, 3168 Sunridge Blvd NE, 403-769-9401

— Dan Clapson, contributing food editor


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