Roasted Bone Marrow – Model Milk

I’m always a sucker for roasted bone marrow. The better-than-butter spread on toasted bread is not exactly the most healthiest thing you can eat, but it is still winter and having a little extra later of padding is acceptable.

Chef Justin Leboe’s take on the popular dish sees escargot and creamed kale inside the roasted bone with a side of warm brioche. Yup. Heaven.

Roasted Bone Marrow $17 at Model Milk, 308 17 Ave SW, 403-265-7343,, @ModelMilkBistro

— Dan Clapson, contributing food editor
Intenso NV Bubbles Moscato

Sparkling moscato from Brazil? Incredibly popular with Brazilians, sparkling moscato might be the national wine. This bottle from Sierra Gaucha is pretty well a perfect example of what this grape can do. Juicy, fruity, lower in alcohol, it is perfect for summer or fond wishes for the end of winter.

$17, available at select liquor stores

— Tom Firth, contributing drinks editor
Cowboy Breakfast Pizza – 500 Cucina

The word “pizza” always grabs my attention, so when I saw this menu item as part of 500 Cucina’s brunch menu (yes, brunch), I simply couldn’t resist.

With smoked beef brisket, jalapenos and fior di latte cheese that is topped with one sunnyside-up egg, this pizza is a refreshing spin on traditional brunch menu items. If you happen to be a fan of spicy food, this pizza is truly made for you.

$18 at 500 Cucina, 1003 9 Ave SE, 403-460-0797,, @500cucina

— Andrea Fulmek, contributor
Grilled Bacon and Lobster Truffle Deviled Eggs – Rush Ocean Prime

At the brand new Rush Ocean Prime, the intriguing Grilled Bacon on both the lunch and dinner menus is a very generous portion of perfectly cooked thick-cut grilled pork belly (nearly 1/2lb) with house made steak sauce.

The Lobster Truffle Deviled Eggs make no pretenses, they’re devilishly decadent and delicious, but still elegant – and, I should add, also completely addictive (good thing there’s 6 of them on the plate!). My recommendation? Grab a friend and order them both to share!

Grilled Bacon $12, Lobster Truffle Deviled Eggs $12 at Rush Ocean Prime
Shellfish Cobb Salad – Rush Ocean Prime

This is one of those dishes that I only have to read on a menu to imagine it on my plate. And when it arrived, it looked as good as I hoped.

Lightly charred Romaine is topped with lobster, crab, prawns, a huge scallop, hard-boiled egg, crumbled bacon, blue cheese and lemon vinaigrette  — all my favourite things, artistically and temptingly presented, on one plate.

Joy – it tasted as good as it looks!

Shellfish Cobb $22 at Rush Ocean Prime, 207 9 Ave SW, Calgary, 403-271-7874,, @RushOceanPrime

— Linda Garson, publisher/editor-in-chief

Electric Avenue Lager – Wild Rose Brewery

Along with their brand new brewery, Wild Rose has a new beer. Electric Avenue is a crisp and fresh thirst-quenching golden lager. Available in bottles and a few locations on tap (Broken City and Bookers BBQ in Calgary), Electric Avenue will be my go-to choice in warmer weather, or whenever I need a beer that’s easy to sip. Don’t forget to look at Wild Rose’s new packaging on their other beers when you’re at the liquor store too. This craft brewery is on the rise.

Available at liquor stores across the city,, @WildRoseBrewery

— Laura Lushington, digital media editor
Grilled Chinook Salmon Burger – Blue Star Diner

I hadn’t been to Blue Star Diner in a while, so stopped in for lunch this weekend. Their Grilled Chinook Salmon Burger is well-worth the splurge. The salmon is cooked to perfection — moist and flavourful. The burger is kept simple with tomatoes, greens and a creamy aioli, and I couldn’t stop eating the crispy, salty BC Kennebec fries! An added bonus is that this is one of Blue Star’s Mealshare features, which means that for every burger sold, you are also helping to feed someone in need. Who knew charity could be so delicious?

Grilled Chinook Salmon Burger $17.50 at Blue Star Diner, 809 1 Ave NE, 403-261-9998,, @BlueStar_yyc

Vincci Tsui, contributor and blogger at, @VincciT

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