Picks from Cinquecento Cucina and Test Kitchen, along with a vegan chocolate bar and vermouth

Salazon Chocolate

Sea salt and chocolate might just have to be the most perfect combination in the world. Add caramel into the mix and you are really talking my language. Or how about chocolate, salt and cayenne? I recently discovered Salazon Chocolate Co. and they make a variety of bars that satisfy all of the above criteria. Plus, all of their bars are vegan (except for the sea salt caramel), gluten free, non-GMO, organic, fair-trade — you name it!

$4 at Salazon Chocolate Co., salazonchoc.com, @salazonchoc

— Mallory Frayn, contributor, @cuzilikechocolat

Gnocchi Alla Panna – Cinquecento Cucina

Cinquecento Cucina’s Gnocchi Alla Panna comes with a rich and creamy, spicy sauce with wild arugula, garlic and pancetta. It’s pure comfort food that you don’t want to finish eating. It doesn’t have any calories, does it?

$19 at Cinquecento Cucina, 1003 9 Avenue SE, 403-460-0797, 500cucina.com, @500Cucina

— Linda Garson, editor-in-chief/publisher, @vineanddine

Tuna ‘TNC’ Burger – Test Kitchen

What I loved most about this burger on Test Kitchen’s lunch menu was that it included a sliver of toasted nori (seaweed). The crisp, grassy taste was the perfect accompaniment to the rare seared albacore tuna. Oh, and who doesn’t adore a pretzel bun?

$16 at Test Kitchen, 501 2 Avenue SW, testkitchenyyc.ca, @TestKitchenYYC

— Laura Lushington, digital media editor, @LauraLushington

MAiDENii Vermouth

I’m absolutely enthralled with the bartender created MAiDENii Vermouths from Australia — now available at Kensington Wine Market. They have subtle but complex flavors that are great in cocktails. Shown here in the simple classic Bronx Cocktail with NY Distilling Dorothy Parker Gin, fresh OJ and both the sweet and dry Vermouth.

$62 at Kensington Wine Market. Maidenii.com.au, @Maidenii

— Tarquin Melnyk, contributor, @livelikeburning

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