IPA – Last Best BrewingIPA – Last Best Brewing

I’m normally not a huge fan of IPAs, but Calgary’s newest microbrewery makes one of the smoothest ones I’ve tasted in awhile. Surprisingly (and dangerously?!) easy drinking on a patio. You can find it at spots like National, Craft Beer Market and The Pig and Duke.

lastbestbrewing.com, @lastbestbrew

— Dan Clapson, contributing food editor, @dansgoodside
Taylor Fladgate 1863 Single Harvest PortTaylor Fladgate 1863 Single Harvest Port

Sitting in cask for around 150 years, the wine is packed with toffee, balsamic, herb, floral aromas, and currants. Beautiful acidity makes this a thing of beauty too beautiful for a Tuesday night. Maybe for a special occasion…?

$4000 at select liquor stores.

taylor.pt, @TaylorsPortWine

— Tom Firth, contributing drinks editor, @cowtownwine
Habanero Sea Salt Dark Chocolate – Cococo ChocolatiersHabanero Sea Salt Dark Chocolate – Cococo Chocolatiers

My affinity for chocolate and sea salt goes beyond what most people would consider normal. To say I eat it virtually every day would not be a stretch. One of my favourite bars to reach for is the Habanero Sea Salt Dark Chocolate from Cococo Chocolatiers, owners of Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut. What’s even better is that you get your fix of spice while you are at it. It’s probably a good thing; maybe the extra sweating caused by the habaneros helps to burn off some of the calories in the chocolate, but I doubt it.

$3.75, available in dark or milk chocolate at Cococo Chocolatiers locations, cococochocolatiers.com, @ChocBernCal

— Mallory Frayn, contributor, @cuzilikechocolat
Pork Taco – Taiko TacoPork Taco – Taiko Taco

Last weekend, I happened upon the Sled Island Launch Party outside Luke’s Drug Mart in Bridgeland, and Taiko Taco was there! Their Pork taco was filled with melt-in-your-mouth 24-hour sous-vide pork belly and bright, crunchy veggies, while the Veggie taco had soft, sweet Sichuan braised eggplant and shredded cucumber. Pillowy steamed bao was served as “taco shells” for the two tacos, and everything was topped with addictive crispy garlic chips and scallions.

$12 for 3 at Taiko Taco, location varies, 403-605-6716, taikotaco.com, @TaikoTaco

— Vincci Tsui, contributor, @VincciT

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