Popcorn – Korq Winehouse & Kitchen

Korq’s new summer popcorn is finished with truffle oil and also a touch of maple sugar and salt, so you get the earthy, salty, and ever so slightly sweet flavours combining with the soft but crunchy popcorn — and there’s no calories in popcorn, right? Order it to munch on while you decide your lunch or dinner dish.

It’s a big, satisfying bowl for $4, but the generous folk at Korq Winehouse want you to know that there’s no charge for Culinaire readers! Go for it!
Apricot and Wheat Berry Salad – Korq Winehouse & Kitchen

Executive Chef Eben Brummitt’s new summer menu includes some very tasty salads. Shown is a small portion (about a quarter of the full dish) of the Apricot and Wheat Berry Salad — again a great juxtaposition of flavours and textures: spinach, chewy and nutty Red Fife wheat berries, fruity apricots, sweet red onion, soft Fairwind Farm Chèvre, and crunchy cucumber, all lightly dressed in a honey-tarragon vinaigrette. Yum.

$14 at Korq Winehouse & Kitchen, 801 6 St. SW, Calgary, korqwinehouse.ca, @‪KorqWineHouse

— Linda Garson, editor-in-chief/publisher, @vineanddine
B. Luzon 2012 Las Hermanas, Jumilla, Spain

Right off the bat the kitschy label catches the eye with the 60’s style cartoon imagery. What really catches my attention are these plump, ripe cherry fruits, a little mocha and just the right amount of tannin to pair with anything from pork loin to roast beef. It’s 100% monastrell grapes that just happen to be organically-grown as well. This might be a new favourite for summer sipping.

About $15 at select liquor stores.

— Tom Firth, contributing drinks editor, @cowtownwine
Parthena Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I recently discovered Parthena Extra Virgin Olive Oil and have been using it in all my recipes from dinner to dessert. It has incredibly low acidity so it doesn’t burn the back of your throat, unlike some “spicier” oils. Whether you add it to hummus or ice cream, you cannot go wrong!

Available at select stores such as Springbank Cheese, Community Natural Foods, Amaranth, Market 17 and others, $15.95 for 500mL, $24.95 for 750mL bottle or $50 for 3L, parthena.ca, @ParthenaOil

— Mallory Frayn, contributor, @cuzilikechoclat
Meyer Family Vineyards 2012 Tribute Series Chardonnay

I love chardonnay — whether it’s a classic Chablis or robust new world version, there’s a reason it’s one of the most widely planted varietals. With Meyer Family Vineyards 2012 Tribute Series Chardonnay, winemaker Chris Carson uses a little old world charm while coaxing the Okanagan to speak loud and clear. Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?

About $36 at select liquor stores. mfvwines.com, @mfvwines

— Jeannette Montgomery, contributor, @OkanaganWriting

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