Sharing Plates at Mango Shiva

Mango Shiva has always been a favourite for Indian food, and chef Avinash has created a delicious new fall/winter menu with old faves, and new enticing yet-to-be-tried dishes. Mumbai Sev Poori are savoury tortilla crisps topped with potatoes, chickpeas and drizzled with yogurt, tamarind and mint chutney – perfect little appies that burst with flavour ($9). Crispy stuffed chicken drumettes are dipped in tangy soy ginger, garlic and cumin, then baked and fried to crispy afterwards and served with harissa aioli ($15). These are both great sharing pates but I understand if you keep them all to yourself.

Mango Shiva Restaurant, 218 8th Avenue SW, 403-290-1644,, @MangoShiva 

– Linda Garson, editor-in-chief/publisher, @vineanddine

Glenfarclas40 year old Single Malt Whisky, Scotland

You might be in the market for a special occasion whisky this time of year, and if you are shopping in the $700 range, you might want to run, not walk to your nearest whisky merchant. I’d do it a disservice trying to describe it, but it’s like wearing your slippers and robe in front of a roaring fireplace while sitting on a leather sofa having a little bit of toffee. Yeah, it’s a damn nice dram.  

$723 CSPC +741070, available at select liquor stores.

– Tom Firth, contributing drinks editor, @cowtownwine

Dinner at Avec

The white bean and sunchoke egg “en cocotte” ($19) at Avec Bistro is like the most brilliant version of a French cassoulet that you could possible lay your hands on – without the pork. Don’t worry, I promise that’s not a bad thing. It’s warm and comforting without that weigh-you-down, go-take-a-nap-now richness of traditional cassoulet. Plus it has an egg baked in it. How can you go wrong with that?

Then to compensate for the calories you saved on your entrée, you can order the decadent chocolate torte for dessert. It’s like a cross between a flourless chocolate cake and chocolate ganache, and oh so smooth it should be illegal. Well at least for chocoholics like me who could devour the entire torte as a meal in itself.

Avec Bistro, #105 550 11 Ave SW, 587-352-0964,, @AvecBistro

– Mallory Frayn, contributor and digital media editor, @cuzilikechoclat

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