You hear about banana leaf-wrapped fish all the time but banana leaf-wrapped mushrooms? Not so much! Thank goodness Chef Guru at Canvas Bistro decided to try it though because it makes for one delicious (and deliciously vegetarian) entree. Not only is the portabello marinated overnight in lemon and herbs, it is also stuffed with hummus so there are flavours coming from every direction. Plus steaming the portabello in a banana leaf allows it to retain it’s moisture and prevents it from becoming rubbery like mushrooms so often do. Keep your eyes out for this dish as it is soon to make it’s debut on the new fall menu at Canvas. That being said, if you need your mushroom fix now, they have a similar version without the banana leaf that I am sure is just as delicious!

Stuffed Portabello Mushroom with Potato Cakes $15, Canvas Bistro, 602 11 Ave SW, Calgary, 587-353-1299,, @Canvas_YYC

— Mallory Frayn, digital media editor, @cuzilikechoclat

Although Calgary has already gotten snow, it looks like we still have a few more warm days in our future which means that we have to take advantage of them. Get your final pitchers of summer beverages ready because Field Stone Fruit Wine is perfect for sangria. You could even put together a fall-inspired cocktail with their black currant fruit wine, cranberry juice, sparkling water and maybe allow some sliced pear to macerade in all of the fruit goodness. Put off winter just a little while longer, right?

$17.95 on the Field Stone website,

I was thrilled to find myself, accidently, at the new Market On Macleod (formerly Kingsland Farmers Market), when looking for lunch. I found it at Eats Of Asia, a little tiny booth that serves up big home-cooked flavours while you wait. Dan Dan Noodles are a classic Chinese Sichuan dish and here Jay del Corro (aka The Aimless Cook) makes his own hand-pulled noodles and tops them with pulled pork, fresh veg, sweet shitake with Sichuan sesame sauce, and crushed peanuts.

Very munchable are the crispy fried Chicken Bites in togarashi or Korean sauce, and he makes a fine Bao (Korean steamed bun) with a choice of toppings. I enjoyed the pulled pork, house-made pickles, Chogochujang and scallions. This is craveable food!

Dan Dan Noodles $9, Chicken Bites $7, Bao 2 for $7, Eats Of Asia,, @EatsofAsia

— Linda Garson, editor-in-chief/publisher, @vineanddine

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