I heard so much about Azzurri Pizzeria, but had not managed to get there until very recently – and I’m glad I did – it’s as good as everything I’d heard. The Ricioppo family also owns La Luna Rossa next door, and here sons Alessandro and Faustino Ricioppo, along with mama Terry Ricioppo, make fresh pizza to their heart’s content in this tiny gem of a place. The pizzas are all 12” with a thin, slightly charred crust – just how I like them. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw pizza with Innis & Gunn sausage on the menu – but it’s true, the family makes their own spicy sausages with Innis & Gunn beer! I’m ready to believe that it doesn’t matter which pizza you order here, they’re all made with love and you’re going to love whatever you choose.

Forza Azzurri Pizza $18, The 10 Pizza $20 at Azzurri Pizzaria, 2404 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary, 403-299-8774, azzurripizzeria.ca

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