Full Circle Pizza and Oyster Bar

We couldn’t wait to try newly opened Full Circle Pizza and Oyster Bar. Starting with fried flor di latte on a san martino tomato sauce with crispy bacon, lettuce and tomatoes was a good choice; it’s very generous and very satisfying – I’d be happy to come and share this with a friend and a glass of wine! The pizzas are really good, with unique toppings such as ‘Dr. Octo-Pi’ that has braised octopus, bonito flakes, seaweed and lemon on top of panna (white creamy sauce), and we enjoyed the more simple ‘Fibonacci’s Golden Pi’ with cherry tomatoes, red onion, fresh basil and a saffron panna. I really liked the fresh, locally milled flour crust, and didn’t leave the edges as usual! Carbonara calzone is a very substantial dish and great for sharing, filled with house cured guanciale and farm eggs. We kept nibbling away at it even though we were full – come hungry!

Full Circle Pizza and Oyster Bar, 933 17th Ave SW Calgary, 587-351-3141, facebook.com/fullcirclepizza, @fullcirclepi





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