Primal Grounds: Chocolate Guinness Cake 

Sometimes just the very name of a dish conjures up images in your mind, setting you up to be either ecstatic or exasperated, and Primal Grounds’ Chocolate Guinness Cake is such a dish. You almost know what it tastes like before you set eyes upon it, and it meets and even exceeds your expectations. It’s deep, rich, and completely satisfying, but not yet discovered! Get yourself down to Crossroads Market to snag one of these desserts at Primal Grounds – especially if you’re gluten-free!

Chocolate Guinness Cake at Primal Grounds
Crossroads Market, 1235 26 Ave SE
403-240-4185, @primal_grounds

Burnt To Order: Lemon Meringue Creme Brulee

There’s something special happening at Crossroads Market these days – a new generation of vendors, all with creative, tasty ideas who are willing towork long hours for their craft. Burnt To Order is such a vendor; Jesse King creates imaginative and creative crème brûlées in a vast array of flavours. She even has them all ready to be “burnt” when you arrive, ready for you to eat on the spot or to take with you to reassemble at home. Easy peasy! She knows I don’t have a sweet tooth, but this lemon meringue crème brûlée is perfect for me as it’s not overly sweet and retains enough tartness for me to enjoy.

Crème Brûlée at Burnt To Order
Crossroads Market, 1235 26 Ave SE

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