We all have our favourite places for brunch, and then every now and again you stumble across somewhere unexpected and it becomes your favourite very quickly! Cerezo is one of those places. After cooking at Teatro and Carino, you’d expect a level of quality and expertise in the dishes, and you won’t be the slightest bit disappointed. We tried the caprese salad, which looks every bit as delicious as it tastes. Then we had the soup of the day, which was a carrot soup ‘au naturelle’ – it tasted fresh and sweet, but we were assured that nothing was added to distract from the main flavour: fresh, local carrots. Spicy tuna panini lives up to its name – it’s a delightfully spicy filling that warms and creeps up your throat when you’re not paying attention. And shrimp omelette with teriyaki chicken? Need I say more? 

Cerezo, 1002 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary
403-250-8894, @cerezocalgary

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