Pad Thai Restaurant

The menu at the new Pad Thai Restaurant is huge, but I feel like you could order any dish and be very satisfied, it’s all so good. We tried a lot of different plates, all notable so you’ll be completely spoiled for choice, but some stand out as being unique and delicious – bonus points! There are eight Signature Shrimp Rolls on the plate – ground shrimp and water chestnut is rolled around with seaweed paper, and with cucumber salad and sweet chili sauce on the side. They look like something you’ll not be able to resist and they’ll all be gone in no time!

Signature Shrimp Rolls $14 at Pad Thai Restaurant
3106B 4 St NW, Calgary  403-800-0567  @padthaiyyc

Mill Street Brewpub


We had lots of different dishes during a recent beer and food pairing dinner at the new Mill Street Brewpub, and were very impressed with the quality of quantity of the food here. All the food was good, and much of it made with beer too; watch out for the plumpest mussels you’ve ever seen and elk chilli – yes, elk chilli! It’s a great dish, warming and satisfying and complete comfort food, with lots of goodies in the dish and smothered with cheese, then topped with a dollop of sour cream and chopped green onions. A winner!

Elk chilli $16 at Mill Street Brewpub
219 17 Ave SW, Calgary  403-454-6871  @MillStreetBrew

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