Now that Pigeonhole has a new chef, Doug King from Vancouver, we had to rush over and try his new menu dishes. Expectations are high of course – I mean it’s Pigeonhole – and you’ll be happy to know it’s as top notch as you’ll remember from your last visit. Seriously, we tried lots of dishes and there’s nothing you wouldn’t recommend.

We loved the Lamb Tartare, which comes with Castlevetrano olives and wild onions; it has everything going for it, great texture and great taste (not the slightest bit gamey!) and of course it looks like a dish you can’t wait to devour. And the Red Kuri Squash with house made burrata and honey is magnificent! I have no idea how anyone makes burrata so creamy and melting as this, but we almost licked the plate clean. Genious.

Being a wine girl myself, I like tochoose my own wine with my food, but I’m more than happy to let Andrew Stewart choose it for me here. His list of organic and natural wines is very carefully curated, and he explains everything to you, so sit back and enjoy!

Lamb Tartare $16, Red Kuri Squash $12 at Pigeonhole
306 17 Ave SW, Calgary  403-452-4694  @pigeonholeyyc

Bridgette Bar


There are far too many great dishes on the new Bridgette Bar menu to go into detail here, so I’m going to make a honourable mention of just three that I could eat over and over again. The Hummus Chips are completely delicious, and I couldn’t stop dipping the chickpea chips into the hummus, I think I finished it on my own. The Endive Salad comes with mozzarella dressing, burrata, orange, and pecans and again, you may just not want to share. Maple BBQ Alberta rainbow trout is one of the “large plate” dishes and comes with creamed kale and smoked potato – I absolutely love this dish – and could eat a bucket of the creamed kale.

Hummus Chips $5, Endive Salad $11, and Maple BBQ Alberta rainbow trout $28 at Bridgette Bar
739 10 Avenue SW @thebridgettebar

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