Sky 360

Lunch at Sky 360 is ginormous! So don’t be in a rush as it’s very delicious. One of us had the Alberta beef burger – a 7 oz patty with Canadian bacon, tomato, lettuce, crispy tobacco onions, aged white cheddar and smoked bacon jam, that seems about a foot tall, while I had the kale, cranberry and pumpkin salad with chia seeds and oregano-orange vinaigrette. And being an Arctic Char junkie, I just had to add it to my salad – wow! It was huge and I couldn’t stop until I’d finished it all.

Kale, cranberry and pumpkin salad $13 with added Arctic Char $14, Alberta beef burger $24 at Sky 360
101 9 Ave SW, Calgary  403-532-7966  @Sky360Calgary

Safari Grill


I can’t stay away from Safari Grill, and love introducing new people to – what for many – is new food. Samaki is one of my go-to dishes here. It’s a whole tilapia coated with Zanzibar spices and deep fried, and comes with masala potatoes and roti. It satisfies all my cravings for gently spiced seafood, and very tasty potatoes – I don’t think I’ll ever think it commonplace!

Samaki $26 at Safari Grill
#100, 255 28th Street SE, Calgary  403-235-6655  @SafariGrill

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