Ten Foot Henry

I continue to be impressed with Ten Foot Henry… everything is so damn good! The mash with goat yogurt, ver jus and fried egg is as good today as it was on the day they opened – sublime. So simple and so comforting. Sauteed gai lan comes with tahini, miso ginger and fried shitake mushrooms – a new dish for me here and certainly not the last time I’ll order it. What a flavour combination! And if you think Henry’s is all veggie, you’ll be surprised to discover just how good the meat dishes are, too. Braised adobo chicken is seasoned with sesame lime salt, and comes with a smattering of snap peas – a beautiful juxtaposition of crunchy, meltingly tender, umami and citrus – a great success!

Sauteed gai lan $11, Mash with goat yogurt $10, Braised adobo chicken $19 at Ten Foot Henry
1209 1st Street SW, Calgary  403-475-5537  @10foothenry


You know you’re in for a treat when invited to dinner at Alloy. And this time was no exception. Three of us shared crab arancini, Digby scallops and truffle gnocchi just to start, and what good choices we made! Crab arancini come with brie cheese fondue, smoked paprika tomato sauce, and parmesan sprinkled on top – oh joy! What’s not to love? Scallops done well are always a fave, and these Digby scallop were big and meaty, and came in a chorizo sauce with candied tomatoes, and a sourdough crostini. Last but certainly not least, was truffle gnocchi. No one needs to be asked twice if they’d like some truffle gnocchi, particularly when it comes with sautéed mushrooms, cream and fresh shaved parmesan. Yes, Alloy is consistently good!

Crab arancini $16, Digby scallops $19, and Truffle gnocchi $15 at Alloy
220 – 42 Avenue SE, Calgary  403-287-9255  @AlloyRestaurant

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