Meal Tree

If you’re too busy to cook but want healthy and delicious meals, ready to eat in minutes, and delivered free, then go to and just look at the options. It’s a new program of prepared meals that are delivered to you and customised to your preferences. The meals arrive chilled, in microwave- and oven-safe recyclable containers and are ready in minutes. And they’re delicious! I really enjoyed the Ginger Beef Stirfry, it’s flavourful, healthy for you, and comes in a healthy portion, too – and not only are 5% of all sales donated to Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids – you can take 10% off a week of meals in January from us!

Use coupon code CULINAIRECARES to claim your discount. Meal Tree meal plans from $82 per week.

The Coup

I love lunching at The Coup, whatever I’ve had here has always been soooo good. Eggplant Sleeping Bags is a dish I keep coming back for; the grilled eggplant is wrapped around fresh herbs and a spicy cashew pesto, and served cold – the amount of flavour in the filling gets me every time. Mmm mmm!

Eggplant Sleeping Bags $8.50 at The Coup + Meet
924 17th Avenue SW, Calgary  403-541-1041 @TheCoupCalgary

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