A quick test to find the local café that will best meet your caffeine needs any time of day

By Stephanie Arsenault, Dan Clapson, Diana Ng and Vincci Tsui. Photo by Stephanie Arsenault.

There can be a million different reasons why you make plans to head to a coffee shop. For some, it might be that daily jolt of caffeine in the morning, for others it might be meeting ‘Mr Right’ for the 100th time on a first date.

Whatever the reason, take this quick test to find out which one of four great, local cafes is a good fit for you.

1. How far are you willing to travel for a good cup of coffee?

a) To the ends of the earth!

b) A short drive is fine.

c) I will go to the best that I can find in my general vicinity. If that means Starbucks, so be it!


2. When I go to a coffee shop, I’m usually there for…

a) The coffee, obviously!

b) To get some work done, I don’t have an office per se…

c) Grabbing a hot chocolate for my kids


3. Aside from the coffee, the most important thing to me in a cafe is…

a) Experienced baristas making the drinks.

b) Finding the best seat for people watching.

c) A quick bite and coffee refuel over my lunch hour


4. When it comes to the coffee beans that an establishment is using, it’s important to me that…

a) The person at the counter can fully explain to me different origins, fair trade

b) They are roasted on-site. I love the smell of freshly roasted beans!

c) It’s a quality roaster being used and that there’s some ethical thought behind them


5. When I’m having a first date at a cafe, I need it to offer…

a) Latte art so we can have a good starting point for conversation

b) Cool music and cool art on the walls to impress my date

c) A location downtown. I work a lot and usually meet over lunch


6. The hours of a coffee shop are…

a) Irrelevant. I make time for my cup of coffee, not the other way around!

b) Early morning to late night is great in case I need to really get some work done

c) Earlier is better so I can be on time for work in the morning


7. I usually head to the cafe…

a) First thing in the morning

b) After work to relax and read a magazine

c) It varies, but always at some point during my workday


8. My go-to drink is…

a) A pour-over coffee, but I like to try different roasts for their tasting notes

b) Is it bad if I say Earl Grey tea? It’s the perfect thing to sip in the winter

c) A triple shot Americano, it’s going to be a long day!


9. When it comes to the food at a coffee shop, I am happy with…

a) I’m a coffee purist while I sip, I’ll make my own lunch at home

b) Classic coffee shop fare like soups, sandwiches and baking, but done well

c) A quick sandwich or muffin to go


10. How important is it that a coffee shop you go to is ‘family friendly’?

a) I think when a place becomes more family focused (i.e. hot sugary drinks, cookies, etc…) it generally comprises the quality of the coffee being made

b) I haven’t started procreating yet, so it’s irrelevant

c) It would be nice to have a place to take the kids for a treat on the weekends


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