Make the most of summer by finding the perfect seat in the sunshine with this quiz

After a spring that didn’t really feel too much like spring at all, every Calgarian is itching to make the most of these summer months. As lovely as it feels to stroll the river paths or to lay in one of the city’s lovely parks and soak up the sun’s rays, what are you to do when hunger strikes?

Thankfully, there is no shortage of great patios in this city that can keep you fed and watered (or perhaps cocktail-ed is more suitable?) while still allowing you to embrace the warmth of summer. Here’s a few questions to help you find the perfect seat in the sunshine this month.

1. The kind of atmosphere I like on a patio is…

a) big city ‘cool’.

b) somewhat buzzing with an interesting crowd of people.

c) calm and quaint.

2. When I head to a patio, I come with…

a) some friends or colleagues from work.

b) my girlfriend or boyfriend.

c) my family.

3. My go-to drink when I’m sitting outside is usually…

a) a beer.

b) a strong cocktail to start.

c) a great glass of wine!


4. If it gets a bit cooler out during dinner I…

a) put a sweater on. I come prepared.

b) become best friends with a heat lamp

c) preferably find a table inside, I don’t like my food getting cold.


5. The kind of food I’m looking to eat is…

a) anything that’s good for sharing.

b) contemporary, not just an order of chicken fingers.

c) well-plated and multiple courses.


6. I’m going to head to a patio to have…

a) after work cocktails and something small to eat.

b) a Friday night date with my significant other.

c) a great meal with friends or family.

7. The amount of shade available on a patio is…

a) very important, I don’t want to burn.

b) somewhat important, if there’s abit of shade, that’s perfect.

c) not important, I need more sun in my life!


8. If it starts to rain, it’s…

a) just a bit of water. I’ll wait it out.

b) patio game over, home time.

c) time to move inside. I still want my dinner!

9. The amount of time I spend on a patio in one sitting is…

a) a couple hours, depending on how nice the weather is.

b) an entire night if it’s a fun one!

c) enough time to enjoy a proper dinner.

10. How close to the sidewalk do you like to be when on a patio?

a) I’d like to be able to pretend I’m nowhere near a busy street.

b) Not too close, but it’s nice to see what’s happening around me.

c) Far away. I don’t want my patio time tarnished by car motors revving and all that.


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