Who doesn’t love French wine?

The answer is, not many. If you’re looking to expand your wine knowledge and learn about some truly legendary grapes, a good place to start is the Rhone wine region in Southern France. But the number of Rhone valley wines are vast and complex; where does one even start?

Whether you’re a beginner or a crazed wino, here are five Rhone wines/producers we at Culinaire highly recommend:

Halos de Jupiter

Grenache, grenache, grenache is what you can expect from these wines. According to wine maker Philippe Cambie, “grenache is the king of all grapes, and the natural leader of all Rhone varietals.”

Chateau de Beaucastel

It’s hard to believe, but the history of Beaucastel dates all the way back to the 14th century. This vineyard focuses on organic farming and the blending of the 13 different varieties of Chateauneuf de Pape.

Gabriel Meffre

For 80 years, this family business is one of the leading wineries in the Rhone valley. With their commitment to sustainable growth, Gabriel Meffre has a long-lasting commitment to exemplary social and environmental standards.

Chateau Pesquie

Located at the foot of the Ventoux Mountain, this winery’s unique position in the Rhone valley produces some truly wonderful wines. Each organically grown vine produces complex, elegant flavours of syrah, grenache and some lovely blanc blends.

M. Chapoutier

For 200 years, M. Chapoutier has produced outstanding wines including prize-winners like Hermitage and Saint-Joseph. Now operating on an international scale after expanding to Australia, all grapes are cultivated using ancient wine-making techniques and new biodynamic processes.

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