In the 100 centuries or so that beer has been around, ales have dominated most of that history. However, lagers have been leading the way in the past 170 years or so. Here are some great local and far-off lagers you can’t miss!

GP Brewing True North Lager

Newly opened in Grande Prairie, this brewery uses as much local product as it can. A crisp yellow lager, but with more hop aroma and flavour than almost anything the big guys make. CSPC +782005 $11 six-pack cans

Pilsner Urquell

This is probably the most imitated (to various degrees of success) beer on earth. Unique in its use of local saaz hops, low-protein Moravian barley, and unequalled low-mineral Pilsen water, this beer is as flavourful and refreshing as lager gets.
CSPC +388900 $16 six-pack bottles

Ayinger Celebrator

From Aying, Germany, this dopplebock is dark, full bodied, malty, with chocolate overtones, thanks to decoction mashing. Coming in at 6.7% ABV, this is not your standard lawnmower lager!
CSPC +721429 $21 four-pack bottles

Something Brewing Schwarzbier

Schwarzbier literally means “black beer,” and this Red Deer brew has a chocolate/ toasty flavour from the roasted malts, but finishes lighter than you expect.
CSPC +766643 $10 four-pack cans

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