Fried Pumpkins And Parsnips With Lemon Herb Yogurt

Yield: Serves 4


1 sugar pumpkin, 5 cm diced

2 parsnips, 5 cm diced

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp cayenne

Kosher salt


1 cup cornstarch

1 cup Anita’s organic flour

2 cups (480 mL) cold water

1 cup ice


½ cup (120 mL) Greek yogurt

½ cup (120 mL) sour cream

2 cloves roasted garlic

1 tsp (5 mL) lemon juice

1 Tbs fresh thyme, chopped

1 Tbs fresh rosemary, chopped

2 Tbs (30 mL) red wine vinegar


  1. Toss parsnips and pumpkin chunks in oil, cayenne and cinnamon. Roast on a baking sheet at 375º F for 20 minutes until al dente. Remove, and cool in fridge.
  2. Blend ice cubes, water, flour and cornstarch to pancake batter consistency.
  3. Heat oil to 375º F in pot or deep fryer.
  4. Dust chunks in flour and then dip into batter. Deep fry until golden brown, toss in kosher salt.
  5. Whisk dip ingredients together

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