Fruit Wines

Exotic aromatics, vibrant flavour profiles and purity of fruit are the hallmarks of the fruit wine category. We sit around the table sniffing and swirling our non-fruit wines (read: grape wines) and attribute other fruit notes to them while we assess their quality. It is no wonder our faces and sniffers light up at one whiff of these beaming wines. In a blind tasting, half the fun is determining the fruit source simply by its aromatic personality and the winners this year are all locally produced here in Alberta. These off-dry wines are a great aperitif, paired with fresh fruits, salad, chicken and pork dishes and lots of fun for creating your own cocktails. Mike Roberts


Field Stone Raspberry Fruit Wine
Alberta, Canada
$19-20 CSPC 792628







Field Stone Black Currant Fruit Wine
Alberta, Canada
$19-20 CSPC 783516






Shady Lane Estate 2015 Himbeeren
Alberta, Canada
$24 CSPC 786218






Birds & Bees 2010 Sassy Saskatoon Berry
Alberta, Canada
$25 CSPC 726219






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