Celebrate Canada Braai Day with these eats and drinks!

Photo courtesy of Braai.com

Saturday, September 20 is the second annual Canada Braai Day but what exactly is Braai and how do you celebrate it? That’s exactly what we are here to tell you!

Photo courtesy of Winemag

What is it?

Braii is the Afrikaans word for barbeque and is a culinary tradition in South Africa. It includes dishes such as:

Sosati – [soss-sartie] – Grilled meat skewers with peppers, dried apricots and onions, all marinated in curry sauce.

Boerewors – [boo-ra-vors] – Sausage containing beef in addition to some pork, lamb or both, as well as a combination of spices.

– Potjiekos – [poi-kee-koss] – Slow-cooked stew made in a cast-iron pot with lamb or chicken, vegetables and rice or potatoes.

What to drink

South Africa has no shortage of great wines but there are other alcoholic beverages to serve as well. Who says you need to drink beer with barbeque?

Two Oceans – These wines come from the southernmost tip of Africa, right on the coast where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet, where the climate lends to the flavour of the finished product.

Fleur du Cap – Inspired by nature, Fleur du Cap takes a minimalist approach to wine that expresses the unique and rich biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Durbanville Hills – Another eco-friendly winery, Durbanville Hills is renowned for producing top quality wines.

Amarula – This cream-based liquer is made with Afrikan marula fruit and is the perfect accompaniment to dessert!

Happy Canada Braai Day, however you choose to celebrate it!

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