Now that the holiday season is in full swing, chances are that you are having at least one gathering at your home, if not two or three. They’re always a wonderful time, provided that you have plenty of food and drink on hand for your guests.

Opening a bottle of sparkling wine and pouring a flute for each person that walks in the door is still a nice gesture, but with home bartending gaining traction across the country, party hosts are upping the ante. Look to alternatives like the Okanagan’s Bella Sparkling Wines or Benjamin Bridges’ famous frizzante Nova 7, from Nova Scotia. 

The explosion of micro-distilleries in Alberta means you can you head down to your local liquor store, or even visit the distillery, and pick up an interesting bottle of gin, vodka, rye (and more) as a base.  

A simple welcome gin and tonic can be transformed into a memorable sip by incorporating a dash or two of some locally made bitters too, like Black Cloud Bitters or a splash of small-batch Porter’s tonic, or try the tart pick-me-up of Upsons Classic cordial instead of a wedge of lime. 

Is there a cocktail on a restaurant menu that you love? Even the best bartenders in Calgary and Edmonton are more than happy to share their recipes with you, all you need to do is ask.  

This holiday season, make your party memorable by greeting people with this rewarding trend; a unique cocktail that they may even ask you the recipe for! 

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