It’s a great time for Culinaire, and we can’t thank you enough for all the generous support, very kind emails, and good wishes we’ve received for our expansion to Edmonton. The launch was a huge success last month, and I suspect we’re going to have to increase our print run again very quickly to keep up with the demand!

Please let us have your feedback, whether you are a reader, a food or beverage business or a supporter; we’d love to hear your ideas for what you want to read about and your suggestions for local food and beverage success stories. Is there a recipe you’ve always wanted from a restaurant in Alberta? Any hidden gems that we might not know about?

We’re celebrating the start of summer which, for us, means getting outside and firing up the BBQ (and mixing cocktails too), as well as wishing a very happy Father’s Day to everyone who is a dad or ever had one!

And heartfelt sympathies go to the residents of Fort McMurray. We’re donating 20 per cent of every subscription from now to the end of the year to the Red Cross Relief Fund.

Happy June!

Linda Garson, Editor-in-Chief

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