By Linda Garson

70 new places to eat and drink opened in Calgary alone last year – it was an amazing year for foodies, lovers of wine, beer, cocktails, tea and coffee – you could have tried somewhere new every week and still not have visited them all. And there’s more to come; we know of many new openings coming soon. But sadly we lost quite a few good ones in 2018.  

Restaurants Canada survey results show that Canada’s restaurant industry generates $85 billion in annual sales, which equals 4% of Canada’s economic activity. The restaurant industry directly employs more than 1.2 million people, or 6.9% of Canada’s workforce – making it the country’s fourth largest employer. 

More research from Restaurants Canada shows that restaurants provide more first jobs than any other industry – 22 per cent of Canadians got their career start in a restaurant or foodservice business, and they employ 513,000 young people under the age of 25 – that’s one in five youth jobs. 

Going out to a restaurant was still the #1 preferred activity in 2018 for spending time with family and friends, but with so many choices of new foods and new locations to try, let’s not forget the establishments that have been with us for 10 years, 20 years, and more!  

The reason these restaurants are still with us is because they offer consistently good food and service, earning many loyal customers.

30+ Years

Buon Giorno (opened 1987) Barb & Ernies (opened 1975)
Buchanans (opened 1988) Bauernschmaus (opened 1975) 
Buzzards (opened 1980) Blue Willow (opened 1958)
Caesars (opened 1972) Bistro Praha (opened 1977)
Carriage House Inn (opened 1968) Continental Treat Fine Bistro (opened 1982)
Chicken on the Way (opened 1958)
Doans (opened 1988)
China Rose (opened 1987) High Level Diner (opened 1982)
Cilantro (opened 1988) La Ronde (opened 1966)
La Chaumiere (opened 1978) Lingnan (opened 1947)
Moxie’s Grill/Bar (opened 1986) Normands (opened 1989)
Nick’s Steakhouse (opened 1979)  The Sugar Bowl (opened 1943)
Pegasus (opened 1983)Von’s Steakhouse and Oyster Bar (opened 1988)
Scarpones/The Italian Store (opened 1958)
Thai Sa-On (opened 1982)
Wellington’s (opened 1979)

20+ Years

Bookers (1999)  Hardware Grill (1996)
Escoba (1996) Harvest Room (1991)
Manuel Latruwe Belgian Patisserie (1998) Manor Bistro (1993)
River Café (1991) Red Ox Inn (1995) 
Teatro (1993) River Café (1991)
The Embarcadero (1995)  The King & I (1991)

10+ Years

Anju (2009)  Blink (2007) 
Bonterra (2000)  Centini (2002) 
LeVilla (2005) Living Room (2000)
Mercato (2004) Murrietas (2001)
Palomino (2005) Pulcinella (2006)
Rouge (2003) Safari Grill (2005)
Shikiji  (2002) Vero Bistro Moderne (2008)
Vintage Chophouse (2003)

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