Wine aficionados love acidity. Naturally occurring in wine, acid puts the spring in the step, the sizzle in the steak, and makes good wines, potentially great.

Some folks can taste acidity in wines, while for others, higher acid wines might be “felt” more as a prickle along the sides of your tongue or by salivating a little more while tasting. There is such a thing as a wine being too acidic, but unless a wine is acidified, generally the type of grape(s) used in a wine or the region of origin will determine how much acidity there will be. Grapes like riesling or sauvignon blanc are known for their acidity, and cooler-climate regions like Germany and New Zealand are known for the same.

Acidity also has a wonderful effect when pairing with food as the acid helps balance fat or richness in dishes. Sweet wines with not quite enough acidity may taste syrupy or “flabby,” and without the right acidity, won’t complement the food at all. “Spring clean” your palate this month with these wonderful wines that celebrate how beautiful acidity can be.

Invivo 2014 Sauvignon Blanc
Marlborough, New Zealand


A sleek, modern expression of sauvignon blanc from New Zealand with melon, lime, and just a little bell pepper. Slightly waxy on the nose as well, the palate is bright and zippy with well-restrained herbaceousness. Would match very well with seared scallops or lemony dishes. CSPC +749787 $18

Thörle 2015 Riesling Gutswein
Feinherb, Rheinhessen, Germany


A simply awesome riesling that I just love. Lime citrus aromas with crushed granite mineral tones, green apple, autumn leaves, all wonderfully intense and balanced. A very agreeable example of beautiful riesling for those who appreciate this fine grape. CSPC +786743 $21

Sattlerhof 2015 Südsteiermark
Sauvignon Blanc, Gamlitz, Austria


Looking for a slightly unusual expression of sauvignon blanc? Slightly leafy with lemony fruits and melon rind notes on the nose with a sagebrush-type herbaciousness. Distinctively sauvignon blanc with plenty of mineral tones, gooseberry, and citrus, but quite restrained overall. Should complement delicate flavours in seafood or poultry. CSPC +785297 About $30

Villa Maria 2015 Single Vineyards Taylors Pass
Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, New Zealand


Fresh and tightly dialed-in sauvignon blanc showcasing moderate salinity, melon, lime, and freshly mown grass. Lean on the palate with mineral notes in abundance and some lemon/lime rock candy flavours. Great typicity and very well balanced. CSPC +783509 About $35

Kentia 2014 Albariño
Rias Baixas, Spain


A wonderfully sexy and exciting white wine. Lifted and focused tropical fruits of quince and pear, with a mild nuttiness and steely mineral tones. Made from 100 percent albariño, it’s interesting, tasty and shows a lovely level of acid balance. Pair with shellfish or seared scallops. CSPC +766929 $21 on the shelf

Plan B! Wines 2014 Sauvignon Blanc
Frankland River, Western Australia


Always have a Plan B! Partially barrel fermented, the nose has lemon drop and lemon meringue pie aromas with softer ones of melon and gooseberry. On the palate, flavours have a hint of honeyed character adding depth to citrus fruits. Very tasty, and should work with white fish or softer cheese dishes. CSPC +742937 About $18

Markus Huber 2015 Grüner Veltliner
Terrassen, Traisental, Austria


A perfectly lovely bottle of grüner. Melon and white pepper on the nose with lemon rind and slate mineral aromas. Crisp and dry, with exceptional balance between fruits and acidity. Would be a good match with Asian cuisine or green veggies. CSPC +785377 $24

Markus Huber 2015 Gelber
Muskateller, Austria


Simply delicious from start to finish. Mild honey tones with intense fruit characters and nuanced floral components on the nose leaning towards chaparral-style herbaceousness. It’s a little lean on the palate, and quite dry, but one of those rare gems that is exciting to drink. Stunning! CSPC +785380 Around $28

Hillside 2015 Muscat Ottonel
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia


An uncommon variety in the Okanagan, muscat ottonel ripens a little earlier than some other types of muscat. Floral, aromatic and zesty citrus aromas lead into an off-dry palate with pure and clean fruits. Really well balanced, and the palate-scrubbing acids are perfect for a little spicy heat or hot weather. CSPC +434803 $29

Kuhlmann-Platz 2013 Cuvee Prestige
Gewürztraminer, Alsace, France


A “textbook” example of floral aromas in wine. Positively bursting with rose petal, hydrangea and honeysuckle, fruits lean towards melon, lychee, and orange rind with a vanilla-like undercurrent. Plenty of zingy acids brighten all fresh flavours, and a long, almost creamy texture on the finish rounds it out. CSPC +764132 About $18-19

Tinhorn Creek Oldfield Series
2015 2Bench White, Okanagan Valley British Columbia


Mostly chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and viognier with semillion and muscat, the 2Bench white has been knocking it out of the park for years. Tropical fruits with plenty of spice and some prominent barrel flavours give excellent mouthfeel and a slightly zingy finish. Suitable for roasted chicken, herb-rubbed pork shoulder or a hearty prime rib. CSPC +722105 $23

Clos du Soleil 2014 Capella
British Columbia


A white meritage wine mostly sauvignon blanc with about 12 percent semillon, this wine hails from the Similkameen Valley, a perfect locale for terroir-driven wines both white and red. Layered citrus fruits on the nose, with slightly grassy grapefruit tones. The palate is crisp and full of lemony and mineral goodness without being overpowering. CSPC +823334 $36

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