In an announcement over the weekend that was equal parts surprising and refreshing, Vanessa Salopek, owner/operator of Market, shared that the restaurant would be moving in a slightly new direction with a new chef heading up the culinary team.

After Sean MacDonald’s departure last month with plans to head to Toronto and open up a restaurant later on this coming year, many people in the food industry were left wondering who would succeed the young chef. The answer? Chef Evan Robertson of the Pig and Duke.

Now, if you’re thinking a pub chef doesn’t have the chops to take over a trendy 17th Avenue restaurant, I would politely ask you to think again. With over twenty years of industry experience and prior to his work at Pig and Duke —where Robertson received national recognition to his unique spin on pub fare— the chef has worked at his fair share of well-known restaurants including Edmonton’s Hardware Grill, The Living Room, Winebar Kensington and the late Bistro 2210 on 4th Street S.W. where Suzette happily operates out of now.


“I am excited and humbled that MARKET has decided I would be a good fit for their already successful restaurant,” says Robertson. “I look forward to working with locally-sourced ingredients and creating relationships with our neighbors who are the real rock stars of our industry: the famers and ranchers.”

He continues, “I’d like to show case their products on our plates, and through our new farmers’ dinner series [we’ll be starting in 2017] where we can introduce the public to the people behind-the-scenes in Alberta that are working hard to provide safe and ethical products.”

Market has struggled on-and-off over the years to find its proper footing in the Calgary food scene with a variety of head chefs taking the helm with approaches that haven’t always resonated with Calgary food scene fans. Robertson’s love for local and more casual approach to cooking could just be what this restaurant needs to become a more approachable, but still delicious eatery that 17th Avenue area residents seem to love to embrace.


“Evan has such a raw passion and talent for cooking from the heart,” says Ms. Salopek. “His food is genuine and so incredibly tasty…We are excited to see Evan create those craveable, hardy dishes he’s so well-known for, while applying refinement and classic techniques.”

You can expect a new menu from Robertson in the beginning of the new year and an official re-launch party at Market is slated for January, 19th, 2017.

Until then, stick to Market’s social channels (Twitter and Instagram) for updates on what’s to come.

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