While not yet considered mainstream in Alberta, one of the most mixable spirits – pisco – is waiting in the wings poised to take centre stage.

It’s made in Chile and Peru from distilled grapes, but specifications and therefore profiles, differ widely. In Peru, pisco can be made from eight grape varieties, whereas fewer grapes are used in Chile.

Peruvian pisco can only be distilled once and then bottled at proof, so nothing can be added. In Chile, it can be distilled as many times as desired and water can be added to reduce the proof. Pisco must age for a minimum of three months, and cannot be aged in wood in Peru, whereas Chilean pisco can be aged in barrels.Here are our top pisco picks!

Like wine, there are two types of pisco: acholado – a blend of different varietals and vintages, and puro – produced from a single grape variety.

​Here are our top pisco picks, and a great recipe for – that’s right – a piscojito!

Campo De Encanto
Pisco Quebranta, Peru

Aromatic and creamy on the palate. Just add an olive for a perfect martini.
CSPC +1941 $65

Pisco Queirolo Acholado, Peru
Scents of fresh green grapes, and almost wine-like on the nose. Sip on its own or mix in cocktails.
CSPC +776065 $38

Campo De Encanto
Pisco Moscatel, Peru

Sweet aromas of apple, pear and honey, and on the palate too. Sip on its own.
CSPC +587642 $62

Pisco Aba, Chile
Jasmine aromas, tangerine and honey flavours. Silky and sweet, perfect for a pisco sour.
CSPC +709076 500 mL $28

Kappa Pisco, Chile
Double-distilled and almost vodka-like. Easy to drink, and ideal for cocktails.
CSPC +759971 $63

Torres Chile Pisco El Gobernador, Chile
Fragrant scents of little white flowers. Very versatile, and ideal for a variety of cocktails.
CSPC +844803 $35

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